Activity areas offers, free of charge, thanks to our partners, the information that will allow you to locate, depending on the time of year, the activity areas of large pelagic, cetaceans and seabirds, that is, the so-called "Hot Spots" .

The "Hot Spots" are areas that due to physical and environmental factors, the optimal conditions for the presence of certain species are given.

With you will access the activity areas weekly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Every Friday before 12 PM updates the "Hot Spots" for the weekend.

You can download the information in GIF format or in KML format for viewing in Google Earth. Follow the instructions in our tutorials.

This information is freely accessible if you are part of our community.


Hot Spot SO (from Cabo de Palos to Golfo de Cádiz) for Google Earth

Hot Spot NO (from Vigo to Donostia) for Google Earth

Hot Spot SE (from Cabo de Palos to Islas Baleares) for Google Earth

Hot Spot NE (from Benicarló to Golfo de León) for Google Earth


See hot spot Spain image (downmoad GIF)


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